Mountain View Greenskeeper performs FREE diagnostics and sprinkler/timer adjustments for current customers. If you are not a current customer, we will diagnose and repair the problem for a nominal fee. We also install new sprinkler/timer systems for a reasonable price.

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irrigation2_qh1mProper irrigation is critical to the health of your lawn and landscape. Under-watering can impact the roots of your grass and shrubs, leading to increased chinch bug activity. Over-watering encourages fungus and disease such as brown patch and root rot, as well as uncontrollable weeds such as crabgrass and sedge.

Since our irrigation systems typically run in the early morning, you may not know there is something wrong with your system until the damage has already been done. Be sure to check your irrigation system monthly to ensure sprinklers are working properly and providing the right coverage.

A properly functioning irrigation system should provide head-to-head coverage for your lawn and landscape. For a detailed demonstration on what this looks like, check out our short video on The Importance of Checking and Adjusting Your Irrigation System.

More importantly, proper irrigation helps our environment through water conservation and can help save you money. Misdirected sprinklers can waste our precious water supply and add unnecessary cost to your water bill.

Not sure where to start? Contact the experts at Mountain View Greenskeeper for a free inspection and recommendations on an irrigation maintenance program that’s right for you.