Mountain View Greenskeeper recommends for all new customers a soil analysis to determine hidden deficiencies, excesses, and poor pH. Lawns growing in poor soils will always be stressed and will be more likely to have weeds, insects, disease and poor color. When these problems are corrected the lawn will naturally become thicker, healthier and have better color too.

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Why Soil Testing?

Knowing the nutrient content and pH of your soil is the first step of a working lawn care program. Lawns are grown on a wide variety of soil types and fertilizer requirements can vary greatly depending on what’s going on in the soil.

Many nutrients tend to be over-applied resulting in imbalances in the soil and harmful effects on the environment. An excess of nitrogen can cause leaching and groundwater contamination or contamination of waterways from run-off. Many current fertilizers no longer contain phosphorus because it binds with the soil, and years of needless applications have virtually eliminated the need to apply phosphorus to a lawn ever again.